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5th International Ecumenical Festival of Christian Contemporary Music Toruń, 28th-29th June, 2002

Song of Songs Festival is the largest in Central and Eastern Europe presentation of the professional scene of Christian Contemporary Music, aimed to reach young people, the music, which finds its inspiration in God's teachings, creates unity, searches for peace and truth. But first of all - the reason of our meeting is to praise God together.

The aim and the idea of our festival comes out of our conviction that in unifying Europe we can and we ought to seek for common areas where young people may feel accepted, find people who think similarly, for whom the culture and music in particular, inspired with Christian tradition and with the truth coming out of Words of God, shows the way how we can beat hostility and superstitions towards other people and religions.

The town of Torun, home to the Festival.
The atmosphere of ecumenism has been present in our town for centuries. It is enough to mention year 1645 where such unique event, famous in whole Europe - Colloquium Charitativum - took place. That fraternal meeting of Protestant and Catholic representatives was only first attempt of starting a dialogue between those divided churches after Reformation of Luther. Organisers just try to utilise such genius loci, a true charisma of this place. Progress towards the unity - of Europe, Whole Church and people themselves, is - also today - a very serious challenge. Music can be an intergrating factor , but parallely, through its variety helps to recognise and value differences. Earlier editions of the Festival proved unity of the Christian music, through the mixture of styles and shades.

Every year, Channel 2 of TVP (Polish public TV) records one day of the Festival. The Channel presents parts of the recorded material in many entries later on. Apart from music viewers have a possibility to see beautiful surroundings of the Festival as our main stage is set among medieval buildings and city walls of the Old Town of Torun, a Medieval complex which in 1997 was put on the UNESCO's World's Heritage List. This year, TV cameras will be present, too. As in the previous years we will run an internet transmission as well (audio and video).

Because of a small Jubilee (5th edition) we put a special attention to preparations to our Festival. The list of artists invited to come and join us here is long and streches from Poland to Ireland and Italy. The same we can say about music styles which will be presented during the Festival. Styles and origins may very - but the message stays only one - the Good News.

There are many affilliated events - cultural and religious - which will be held during the Festival.

Welcome to the SOS Festival

powrót do strony głównej