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29-30 czerwca, Toruń

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Fourth edition of the Festival will take place on 29th and 30th June 2001. Our Festival is the largest presentationof christian contemporary music in our part of Europe.

Most expected and acknowledged foreign band performing at our Festival will be The Tribe (World Wide Message Tribe) from Manchester, England

Their music conquered hitlists of many countries. Their concerts are fantastic shows comprising techno, house and dance music. Their concerts are brilliant combination of use of modern electronics (including video presentations, lasers and multimedia effects) creating unforgettable dance-music-light spectacle.

From Chicago, Illinois arrives Michael Black, one of the veterans of the reggae music. Michael's origins are of near Kingston, Jamaica. He started his career at around the same time as Bob Marley. He often played together with musicians of his band. Reggae was always present at our Festival, thanks to many Polish musicians. This time, though, we will have an unique opportunity of meeting original Jamaican artist. Michael Black will play together with Maleo Reggae Rockers of Poland.

Warriors For Christ (W4C) of Stuttgart, Germany are one of the leading bands of the christian hip-hop stream. Their performance will be one of the most attractive moments of the forthcoming Festival. Their quality and popularity has been notified by Sony Music who produced one of Warriors' latest albums. Their performance brings great amount of energy and breaks all language barriers.

Beside the "western" bands, and this is our tradition, we present musicians originating from the former "soviet block". Therefore you will meet Russian, Lithuanian and Slovak groups here. This year our presentation stretches even down to Africa as we invited some very special group of African artists. This will be first ever performance of this group in Europe. We do look forward to meet them at Song Of Songs.

The Festival is above all a plasce to be for all major Polish artists. You will see all the best of our christian contemporary music here. Arka Noego is only one of the examples. So, if you would like to get aquinted with Polish christian music - Torun is the right place.


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